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Consolidated War Wagon build thread.

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I have the grill guard and the taillight covers installed. The rear bumper guard would normally require removing the hitch receiver (something I found only after calling the company after getting ready to put it on). It's a shame, since without my receiver it would be a one man job in about ten minutes. I did find a local shop in Little Rock willing to weld on some brackets so the rear bumper guard can use existing receiver hardware instead of requiring that I remove the support for the back bumper. I'll have those pics up once they're on.

Until then, I can at least show off the grill guard.

#Blackhorse Grille Guard
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What did you have to do to install the NB roof rack? I have a 2012 and just picked up a NB rack and want to install.
If you could give me some instructions or pointers that would be great.
Ok I will go over the pics closely...what did you use for handles on the bumper for the ladder to attach to?
1 - 2 of 245 Posts