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Consolidated War Wagon build thread.

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I have the grill guard and the taillight covers installed. The rear bumper guard would normally require removing the hitch receiver (something I found only after calling the company after getting ready to put it on). It's a shame, since without my receiver it would be a one man job in about ten minutes. I did find a local shop in Little Rock willing to weld on some brackets so the rear bumper guard can use existing receiver hardware instead of requiring that I remove the support for the back bumper. I'll have those pics up once they're on.

Until then, I can at least show off the grill guard.

#Blackhorse Grille Guard
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RestingSword said:
I just installed the steel craft rear bumper guard with my must depend on the hitch and guard. What hitch do you have on?
Just a his pictures show, it seems to interfere with the factory hitch. However im sure this would work flawlessly with many aftermarket hitches.

Nice install! I like it! :thumb:
Acadianrider said:
Btw it does look really great !
+1 :thumb:
Your E keeps looking better and better! :rockon:

Cusefan1978 said:
Those spyder lights look great. How bad are they to put in. I'm Assuming you have to drop the bumper and grill?!
Yes the bumper and grille would need to be removed since one of the side mounts is hidden behind the bumper. There are youtube videos of the install though.
looking good :thumb: I also had the hatch molding replaced with black as well if you want to consider that.

should help a bit. I personally don't know how to wire them but I have watched these videos before. Good luck!
Amazon also has them for around $265. I have seen them going for between the mid 200s to the lower-mid 300s I wouldn't pay more than 400+ for them
I'm going to guess and say they are above 6000K since they are so blue. Looks good but I don't think they would fly in every state since they are so blue.
Rook said:
Looks great man, good luck with the install.

Definitely send me a sound bite
Or post the sound clip here
MadMax said:
Huh, what? What happened? :shrug:
That damage was done by a fence so I sent him a spare tribute tail light I had. He's also adding a N/B rack to his gen 2. I'm looking forward to that :popcorn:
1 - 10 of 245 Posts