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Consolidated War Wagon build thread.

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I have the grill guard and the taillight covers installed. The rear bumper guard would normally require removing the hitch receiver (something I found only after calling the company after getting ready to put it on). It's a shame, since without my receiver it would be a one man job in about ten minutes. I did find a local shop in Little Rock willing to weld on some brackets so the rear bumper guard can use existing receiver hardware instead of requiring that I remove the support for the back bumper. I'll have those pics up once they're on.

Until then, I can at least show off the grill guard.

#Blackhorse Grille Guard
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Just got a NB rack for my 2012 and plan to install it pretty soon, but was wondering what your permanent solution to relocating the Sirius radio puck ended up being. Also do you have to relocate it because it interfered with the NB rack, or could I get away with leaving it alone? Thanks!
1 - 1 of 245 Posts