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Convert '09 XLT to OEM Nav unit

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Here's the scoop...

I have an '09 XLT with Sync and Sirius. I want to convert to the factory Nav unit.

Here's what I'm thinking...

From what I have read, the SYNC module should be plug-and-play. The dealer said the Sirius antenna might have to be split to accommodate the GPS unit, and I will either have to get a Double Din mounting bracket or an OEM bezel for Nav-equipped models (which I probably won't be able to find in silver).

But basically its plug-and-play.

Now, in reality I would LOVE a Pioneer premier 90BT...BUT Pioneer makes the OEM unit from what I read and after my last vehicle I don't want to give up steering wheel controls (plus I actually like how SYNC works).

Does anyone have any insight to provide as to whether or not this will work?
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This is my first post, I just got a 2009 Escape XLT.

I am also interested in buying a 2009 factory Nav unit (The Sony one, probably from ebay) and would like to know how to make everything work.

I like SYNC and the steering wheel controls (don't care about keeping SIRIUS) and I want to make sure I can just get the unit, get the proper bezel then plug it in and have it work after a visit to the dealership to have it "flashed." Is there anymore work involved than that?
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