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Cooing fans

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2010 Escape 3.0 cooling fans come on at start up when engine is cold and seem to run constantly until key is turned off. No ac/defroster on,no over heating,no money light showing or codes being thrown by my scanner. I have read several causes this may entail but instead of just throwing parts at it and not resolving the problem I am asking if anyone here has had this problem and if so what the fix was for you. So, now that I'm totally winded from typing all this I'll set back and see what you all have to tell me.
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Scan the PCM for any codes, whether MIL or non-MIL. You have to see if the PCM is turning them on or if they are on without a valid command.
I understand all you are saying but wouldn't it take one of those high dollar scanners that would take me four years of college to learn to operate would it not? My little hand held scanner doesn't go that deep. It will bring up codes that are basic. Like I said in my OP, It does not show any codes relating to the cooling fan. The money light has only came on once for a bad wheel speed sensor which I replaced and the code went away. Is there any chance that the AC system might have anything to do with this. Just asking.That's another story by its self.I just recently purchased this vehicle and shock of shocks, I don't believe the seller told me all I needed to know about it and yes I asked. But all in all it's still a pretty good suv.
A little late update on my problem. I noticed the ac clutch wasn't kicking on. I found a relay for the compressor on the power board. Just for s & g's I traded it out with another one like it. For some reason I can't explain (maybe someone here can explain it to me) the clutch started working and the fans quit coming on when engine is cold. They do come on when ac or defroster is turned on like their supposed to. Works, for now anyway. Like I was told, I can just guess.
I guess if there was a question there it would be, what would be the connection between the ac relay and the fans coming on at cold start and running all the time. I just thought that someone could connect the dots for me. What I didn't tell you was that I researched causes for the problem and followed up on the most common causes. Traded out the relays. Main. fan 1, fan 2 and changed out the CHT sensor. Nothing changed. The ac relay was just a shot in the dark. For now it's working as designed. No complaint there.
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I appreciate all your input guys.This is sort of a project car for me.The PO had complained about steering and suspension problems .I Got it for a decent price "I Think". I first and foremost changed out the rotten rusted out sub frame and cross member. It was one rust particle from letting the right control arm from coming off. The left wheel bearing was pretty noisy so I replaced both sides with new knuckles with bearings installed. The only way to go in my book. Both control arms had been replaced sometime and were in almost new condition. Changed both struts and sway bar links. Brakes were decent shape so left them alone for now. Had to replace the right cv axle because the 30 ton press I had to use to get the axle out of the knuckle was not my friend, Forget about that ok. Took it and had the front end aligned and it drives and handles like a new one.
And I tell ya fellas having a Brother-in -law that has a lift is a life saver. So to end this long barrel post, I can do the wrenching but dealing with electrical is not in my wheel house. So thanks again you gave ideas to go with.
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