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I just bought this 2018 escape S with 41xxx miles and I noticed the dealer overfilled the coolant and I’ve noticed a sting coolant smell outside of the car when the engine is warm. Just trying to see if this could really be causing the smell.
Hi J, welcome
typically a slightly overfilled reservoir is to compensate for burping

what did they do, as far as service? Why did they mess with it?

you have a vent hose off of that reservoir, you could look at the outlet end, and see if its wet

smelling it is usually because its leaking, or your mechanic was a slob.

give it a day or two, watching your temp.
You could try going by a fancy car wash that includes undercarriage.

Maybe a hose clamp was not tightened, after being parked all night, do you see a puddle?
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