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Cracked Windshield

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Hey all - got a crack in the windshield. This is the original factory windshield, and I have become very attached to the way that the sunvisor is only painted around the rearview mirror, and the fact that it has the Ford "born-at" sticker in the bottom right. Additionally, I would like to get the OEM glass because it says FoMoCo in the lower right. Car-Lite is ford's glass if I'm not mistaken...

Anyone think that I'll be successful in getting OEM glass at a reasonable price? Is it a part in someone's database that I can get from Ford? What is anyone's opinion on the sticker?

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In my case the insurance company would have a say in the glass replacement as they would be paying for it, as long as it had the tint across the top it wouldn't make any difference to me.

The "born-at" sticker was the first thing I had them scrape off when I got my state inspection because the inspection sticker goes there as well. It would have been too high up the windshield for my taste with both there and I didn't want UAW propaganda anyway. :hyst:
The sticker would be gone, as even OEM windshields would not come with a sticker from the car's assembly plant. The premium you pay would be for the 'Ford' logo, along with supposedly a higher quality glass. I've found my windshield to be the crackiest (my word, dibs) windshield out of all our cars, so I don't think I would pay for OEM in this case. I can't find windshields or any type of exterior glass in my parts database, so I don't have the part number.
You could try getting one at a junkyard. If you look hard enough you might be able to get just what you are looking for. They aren't easy getting out, but I know it can be done.
I'm not getting insurance involved, there's no reason to for a measly $200. I guess I'll just get it replaced and deal with the fact that it's not OEM glass. All the junkyards around here have strict policies (even if I could find a 200X series laying around) against taking anything that's basically not bolted on. i.e. no cutting off frame pieces, no front/rear windshields, etc. For some reason side windows are ok though. I guess it just rides on the track instead of being a more integral part on the vehicle.

Thanks for all the help.
Got windshield replaced, they wanted to use a windshield with a 4" blue shade band at the top which I didn't like. The replacement I got was a replica of the OEM glass. I got all my accessories hooked back up and all is well. Thanks again for all the input.
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