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Creaking sound

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Anybody knows what's the problem with the creaking sound when I do right turns with my escape 01 ?

Thanks :roll:
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Is the sound coming from under the car or the inside?
If it comes from under the car the most possible cause is the inside CV joint of the front right or left half shaft.
If it is the left one you just change the half shaft.
If it is the right one besides the half shaft you have to change the intermediate shaft with the bearing...or if you are lucky just the intermediate shaft with the bearing.
That bearing if it has enough play in its seating it gives you some creaking noise on right turns.
Getting under the car you can try shaking the half shafts, grabbing them firmly.If you feel any shake, that's it.You can visually check the intermediate shaft and see if it wobbles while you are trying to shake the right half shaft.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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