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Cruise Control problem

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New forum member and new to Ford Escape,so will probably have lots of questions. I just got my son a 2002 XLT w/ 99,737 miles. Notice after I purchased that cruise control doesn't work.
The ON switch doesn't do anything. If I press the SET button, the dash light indicating cruise is on lights up, but cruise isn't set. Coast and Resume don't do anything since speed isn't set.
Any ides?
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Remove the plastic engine cover to expose the throttle body. You should see a steel cable from the gas pedal, along with a black plastic-covered line from the cruise control module. Follow that back to see if it is disconnected or snagged somewhere.
There are two fuses to check, both in the Central Junction Box (driver's side kick panel). You will see two rows of mini fuses - check F2.5 (5 A), which should be in the first row, third down, and F2.24 (15 A), which should be the bottom of the second row.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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