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Dammit! Go to use rear washer, and my right foot gets wet!!

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I thought I could hear running water, but kept trying to clear the rear screen (I thought maybe the nozzle was just iced up). Then The Wife notices a puddle of water appearing in the drivers footwell. :(

Looks like it's off to the Dealer for a bit of TLC.
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Well, that's not good!! Let us know how it goes, BC!! :beer:
Woohoo, problem solved!!! :thumb: :thumb:

Good luck, BC!!!
Big Chris said:
All fixed. :yahoo:

Yeah, it was a simple case of the rubber hose coming adrift from a small plastic connector. Only issue I had is the accessability. It's quite tricky getting both hands up there to reconnect it.
Especially your hands!!! :taz:
Glad all is well! :beer:
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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