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Daytime running lights, Fog Lights, Low coolant lights.

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So today I was working behind the instrument cluster rewireing my 05+ headlight upgrade to a new relay which allows the highbeam indicator to function properly. AND IT WORKED! by the way.

So I was looking at the lightbulbs at the rear of the instrument cluster and noticed two open holes with no bulbs and one that was sealed off. I took my flashlight and shined it through. There was a foglight and low coolant symbol on the two with no bulbs and the sealed one was daytime running lights I think. Fog light was green, low coolant was red, and daytime lights was white.

So I was wondering if its possible to just get the bulbs and twist them in place and they would work? Im only concerned with the fog and coolant lights. Ill post some pics soon.
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Swap some of the other bulbs into the blank openings to see if they'll work. The coolant light should light as a test when you first start the engine.
They twist out counter-clockwise, but they're locked in place with little tabs.

And I'm not sure about the 2001-2004 bulb sockets, but the 2005 had two different types of sockets. Warning light sockets had their contacts on the back side of the board, and gauge light sockets had their contacts on the opposite side of the board.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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