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Decal or Badge?

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I was driving to work this morning and I must of passed about 6 other 'scapes and Tribbys and I thought to myself....has anyone ever tried creating a badge or logo for us as E-C members that we could display on our trucks? Everytime I see another driver on the road I always wonder if they could possibly be a member, and how cool it would be just to be able to match a face with a username and see their hard work in person. I mean becuase lets be honest here....the E-C family is growing everyday. It's time to let the general driving world know how awesome we all really are! ahhahahah :lol: :)P
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How about something with more information :Escape City, screen name, member number, kinda like these:

Those are done on anodized aluminum, with adhesive on the back - you could use the adhesive to attach a magnet!

If your interested I'll give you an email for the guy who did them.
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