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'Designs of Chaos' independent album review

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Haven't even seen it myself yet, as they block users running IE6! :doh:

Can't wait to get home to try on the other computer! :thumb:
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RobtRoma said:
Cool Review! Being compared to Metallica... Nice :)

Here it is in its full text:

Metal experienced something of a renaissance period around 2006 when Bring Me The Horizon led a new wave of british bands away from pop punk sugary sweetness and Nu Metal macho bull$hit in to a far darker, deeper, place, effectively combining Metal, Hardcore, drop B tuning, and black metal-style vocals. Partly due to the terrible wave of bands (aside from Architects) who tried to copy them, and partly due to the fact that their straightened hair, skinny jeans and adolescent look made sure most true metal fans wouldn't take them seriously, the scene has gone back underground.

When metal goes underground it tends to re-invent itself as something much darker, and so here is where Designs Of Chaos step in with an album, more of a statement of intent, a primal band angry and desperate with the world they see around them. Vocalist Mark Campbell is unapologetically bleak throughout the ten brutal tracks, lines like: "Forty-seven ways I'm gonna hurt you, forty-seven ways I'm gonna make you die" puts him toe-to-toe with anything Hatebreed have produced thusfar. His range loops from James Hetfield style lead on "Destination Chaos" and the aforementioned BMTH Death Metal style on "Forsaken," and everything inbetween.

I remember one year at Ozzfest the pit at Cradle Of Filth opened up during an actual hailstorm (seriously) and a group of guys in viking hats were literally headbutting each other during their last song. I could see Designs Of Chaos having a similar effect on a festival crowd.

It's early days of DOC just now, but after just one listen through of this terrifying record, you wouldn't wanna be the one to try and stop them. Don't forget-Forty Seven different ways!
Cheers Rob :thumb:
jpark said:
So when is the CD release date?

As soon as we get more inlay cards printed.

PM me your address and I'll post you one.

If you know anyone in the "Business", I'll send you a few. :thumb:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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