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Did you say GT350?

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It's true...Ford and Shelby are teaming up to release a new Mustang Shelby GT350 with a twin-turbo version of the new 5.0 in 2011. :thumb: The "regular" 2011 GT will also be the pace car for the Daytona 500! Check out the links below...

Pace Car: ... pace-cars/

GT350: ... ction.html

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I'm not sure what to think about the GT350. One side of me says, "Awesome, Fords bringing out some more old roots." Then, the other side of me says, "64K for a mustang with less HP than a GT500?" I'm wondering if Carrol Shelby and Ford is trying to make a small line of these to make them collectible cars since the GT500 seems sort of "normal". You see a lot more 500's on the street these day than you do Roush's or Saleen's. I can imagine this would be a car if you have too much money and can drop 64K on a car to keep it undercover in a building until 2060 and sell it at auction for a million. Just not really sure! :confused:
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