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Didn't start my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid for about 2 weeks and wouldn't start

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Hi all! I have been working from home the last 10months and don't drive my 2008 Escape hybrid as often. I have been starting it and driving it at least every week but didn't do that for two weeks and when I went to start it the stop safely caution thing popped up. Anyone knows what I should do? The hybrid battery was refreshed 2 years ago and functions good but I asked my uncle (he has 3 of these in SF) and he said there's a small part to replace thats about $150.00 that usually comes up when you don't start it for a little while. All help is appreciated. Picture included (from internet but exact same as mine) Also anyone in the DMV area that knows a mechanic for my vehicle....
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The best way to approach this problem, is to scan the vehicle and post any codes.
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You need a good, strong, fully charged 12 volt battery. Driver's seat, by your left foot, there is a fuse box. Remove cover and there should be a button. Key on, press button. Button should flash. When flashing stops, try to start vehicle.
What are your plans from this point forward to jump start the vehicle?
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