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Didn't start my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid for about 2 weeks and wouldn't start

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Hi all! I have been working from home the last 10months and don't drive my 2008 Escape hybrid as often. I have been starting it and driving it at least every week but didn't do that for two weeks and when I went to start it the stop safely caution thing popped up. Anyone knows what I should do? The hybrid battery was refreshed 2 years ago and functions good but I asked my uncle (he has 3 of these in SF) and he said there's a small part to replace thats about $150.00 that usually comes up when you don't start it for a little while. All help is appreciated. Picture included (from internet but exact same as mine) Also anyone in the DMV area that knows a mechanic for my vehicle....
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The best way to approach this problem, is to scan the vehicle and post any codes.
Yea I'll have to get it and go from there but I'm 99% sure that it's the hybrid battery. Do you happen to know if there's a way to charge it at home? I see Hyrbid battery chargers on amazon...
I was just watching this...even though my battery (12V) is new, the battery light is flashing indicating that the 12v doesn't have enough charge :(
What are your plans from this point forward to jump start the vehicle?
Yes, I’m going to call aAAA to come and I’ll have them hook up and see if I can get it to start
What are your plans from this point forward to jump start the vehicle?
They have the portable charger which will show the level so I’ll know when to try it
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