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Differential fluid compromised with water?

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So last year I changed out the tranny fluid and transfer case oil, but because the differential fluid was changed recently I decided that I would wait a little while longer. Well today I decided that I would change the differential fluid and when I did the old fluid was a medium gray color. I'm assuming the oil was compromised by water. Is it possible for water to enter into the differential from the vent on the cover?
It did rain like crazy this Thursday and I drove through some flooded streets. But the water was only just touching my running boards (nerf bars). If it happened it could have only been at that time. That was the only time I drove through deep water.

Any one have any ideas?
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My Escape had been treated with Undercoating some time ago (before I owned it). I noticed that the diff vent was stuck in the up/open position. Somehow when they were doing the undercoating the vent cap got pulled up and the undercoating held it open.
I cleaned it and now it moves as it should.
maybe some dirt got at it and it was stuck open. i jiggled it a bit when I noticed the issue and it seems fine. I'll continue to change it out every 30k as I have. Thanks for your imput. I undercoated my Escape too. Helps quiet the ride.
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