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dirty engine

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I'm looking for a safe and easy way to clean the exterior engine, all the hoses, belts, etc.
Can I just rinse it safely not allowing any water to get into the air filter?
I've never had to clean a motor that had so much electrical and computerized mechanics built into it..
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Well with your intake , cover up your air filter with a trash bag. Then just hose it all down. You can drench pretty much everything in there. The electronics are all sealed up. The battery will not get hurt by hitting it with water. But take your discretion on that one. Personally I drench it all top then the under part of the engine, then back to the top. I hit with high pressure water, then tire degreaser, then back to water rinse. Never have had a problem with this vehicle or any other vehicle I have had.
SUVord said:
Exactly as "our man in the desert says". :beer:
I do what he says at least 10 times every year with my 2004 V6 to get rid of mud, sand and what you can imagine.
I never use any kind of chemicals but dish washing liquid and a hose.
I take extra precaution with the PCM connector.
Never had any issue with anything electronic after 80000miles of treacherous off road driving under extreme weather conditions, with the exemption of a cyl.6 coil...alternators don't count :cuss:
Water won't hurt the alternator as long as you blow dry it afterwards.I use compressed air to blow all excess water when I'm finished.
All my electronic connections have the dielectric silicon treatment once a year, including the spark plugs boots.
Engine should be cold if a hose is going to be used.
A six-pack is optional!!!
You could leave it on but :shrug:
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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