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dirty engine

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I'm looking for a safe and easy way to clean the exterior engine, all the hoses, belts, etc.
Can I just rinse it safely not allowing any water to get into the air filter?
I've never had to clean a motor that had so much electrical and computerized mechanics built into it..
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oskerb said:
Well with your intake , cover up your air filter with a trash bag. Then just hose it all down. You can drench pretty much everything in there. The electronics are all sealed up. The battery will not get hurt by hitting it with water. But take your discretion on that one. Personally I drench it all top then the under part of the engine, then back to the top. I hit with high pressure water, then tire degreaser, then back to water rinse. Never have had a problem with this vehicle or any other vehicle I have had.
Hey brother be safe and thanks AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :thumb: YOU THE MAN :rockon:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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