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dirty engine

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I'm looking for a safe and easy way to clean the exterior engine, all the hoses, belts, etc.
Can I just rinse it safely not allowing any water to get into the air filter?
I've never had to clean a motor that had so much electrical and computerized mechanics built into it..
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Exactly as "our man in the desert says". :beer:
I do what he says at least 10 times every year with my 2004 V6 to get rid of mud, sand and what you can imagine.
I never use any kind of chemicals but dish washing liquid and a hose.
I take extra precaution with the PCM connector.
Never had any issue with anything electronic after 80000miles of treacherous off road driving under extreme weather conditions, with the exemption of a cyl.6 coil...alternators don't count :cuss:
Water won't hurt the alternator as long as you blow dry it afterwards.I use compressed air to blow all excess water when I'm finished.
All my electronic connections have the dielectric silicon treatment once a year, including the spark plugs boots.
Engine should be cold if a hose is going to be used.
A six-pack is optional!!!
If a car's engine can not be washed with the pressure hose while being off, because of this or that, it is not worth keeping.Even in the distributor era of engines we used to hose the engine with just covering the distributor or spraying it with diesel or other off-the-shelf chemical.
But then again, an off road going vehicle gets the engine compartment full of mud and other filthy stuff you can get rid by only hosing off.
Contrary to general belief and car-wash places tactics, today's cars, because of all the sensors and electronic connections need to be washed with the engine off.If a damage is to happen it is going to be worse with the engine on instead of off.
A good practice is to always use pressurized air, when done, to get rid of excess water in all sensitive areas.Extra caution with the battery junction box and the PCM connector.With the battery junction box, water sips in through the connectors of fuses and relays and after some time problems arise like the fuel pump not working, etc.

In my tool box there is always a small bottle with diesel fuel in it.It is a life saver when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere because of electric problem.

PS.:Everything above does not refer to detailing the engine compartment to look shinny.
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Diesel fuel repels water and humidity.It is a trick we "oldies" used at places where WD40 and the likes were not available.I remember many years ago driving through a snowstorm from New York City to Maine.The snow had had squeezed through the front grill and had covered the whole engine under the hood.Started misfiring crazy.I stopped at a gas station next to the diesel pump and after brushing the snow away I asked the attendant to let me pour some diesel
over the spark plugs, the distributor and the coil.He was stunned to see that with the first turn of the key, the car started working perfect.
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