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Well, I hated my stock antenna, and I love tinkering with my escape now that Im a new driver. So, after my cold air intake, I was thinking about buying a stubby antenna. They go for around $15 shipped and are supposed to have alot worse reception. Im very impatient and cant wait for something to come in the mail. So I did some research and created my own antenna. I just installed it and listened to the radio for a couple of minutes with no snow or noticeable loss of reception.
Very simple to make!
1) Buy everything you need, I got my stuff from Ace Hardware
-3/4" Shrink Tube
-Spring Door Stop
-10x24 1.5" screw
-Blow Dryer
-10 minutes
2)Remove the top nub of the door stop and shrink wrap it
3)Remove bottom plate of door stop and shrink wrap it, poke a hole for the screw
4)Screw plate into old antenna hole with, 10x24 screw
5)Put the top nub on the door stop again and shrink wrap the entire door stop
6)Attach your shrink wrapped door stop to your door stop plate, either by twisting it on or snapping it in, depends on the type of door stop
7)You may want to go over the door stop once everything is installed on the car with the blow dryer

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