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DNX7100 Double-DIN Install

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So I just installed my DNX7100 into my '07 Escape.

We had many things go wrong during this install.

1) Despite the warnings about the metal clips scratching the dash, it happened Any ideas on working out these scratches would be great

2) I had a vent air freshner on my vent when we took the dash out, when laid down, the liquid came out and got onto the dash. It ate the paint right off and also ate through the plastic on the edge of the literally started cracking!

3) The vent on the passenger side of the dash broke at the bottom part of's now holding on from the top part of the vent.

4) You can't piggy back any accessory off of another then plug it directly into the back of the headunit like you can, for example with any Alpine headunit. You need to by this switch that plugs everything in then routes it all to the headunit (there is an additional $80 I have to spend) I have the bluetooth add-on and the xm radio add-on. I had them piggybacked xm only works when I hit Send or End on my phone while it is connected to the bluetooth.....and it only works for 5 seconds. Please see Crutchfield's Forums to get a better picture of what is going on.

Overall it looks great and it is a great headunit. Saturday was not a good day for me! If anyone has an extra dash laying around without the info center controls, please let me know.

I am thinking about just selling my Bluetooth instead of purchasing this extra switch. What do you guys think?

Here are the pics of myDouble-DIN after install. Sorry I didn't take pictures during the actual install.

These are taken at night so bare with me!

While installing I ran into the infamous metal clips problem as you can see below

And a funny story...I had an air freshner that clipped onto the vents. When we took off the trim panel we set it down, and when we did that, the liquid from the air freshner leaked out and ate the paint right off of the trim. You can also see that it cracked the trim too. Kinda nutz :bill:

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What are you guys referring to when you say the clips during the deck install? I know you have to trim some plastic after the stock HU is taken out, is there anything else you need to be worried about? Thanks guys.
Thanks for the advice! So you need to take the entire dash center piece off to put the double din deck in? And to clarify, you don't need to use a dash kit? And I know you have to cut a piece of plastic off from behind the HU but you don't need to trim any space around the silver dash piece to get the double din to sit in there correct? Your double din looks really nice.
Also, do you know if the stock Mach amp runs just the Mach sub or the entire stereo system (7 speaker system)? I'm thinking of replacing the stock sub (and possibly amp) and for now leaving the HU stock (adding the PIE adapter for iPod) until I can afford the double din deck I want. Also, do you know the power ratings on the stock amp and sub and what ohms they run at? I can't find this info anywhere online and I'm wondering if I can just replace the stock sub or if I should also put in a bigger amp (probably a better call but if the stock amp can handle a little better sub it could be worth it for the time being). I'm also going to be replacing the 4 stock door speakers with pioneer 2-ways in the front and 3-ways in the back. At some point I know I'm going to need a better HU to truly power those speakers. Sorry for all the questions, I can post links to things I'm looking at if that would help. Thanks for any help.
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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