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Do 2010 XLT OE headlight bulbs "suck?" Replace "radio static" LED's w/OE?

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Previous owner installed LED's that produce radio static.
He says he didn't like the OE bulbs (why? "don't remember")
I hate the LED's - they have poor pattern more like flood lights, virtually no vertical cutoff.

Debating to put OE back in.

BUT I HATE OE with Brick Wall Vertical Cutoff: drove a fairly new 1/2 pickup where the cutoff was like 100%: NO ILLUMINATION (BLIND) above cutoff.

Don't want to invest money to make these LED's work. Can get junk yard 9008's for $5 each.

Might consider LED that have good pattern and no EMI but still CHEAPSKATE! LOL
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The corncob style LED light are the cheap/inexpensive type. Good LEDs have 1-3 CREED LEDs. Buy the top choices on Amazon for your size. Around $40-50. LEDs are way better than the OEM incandescent bulbs, when done right (not cheap).
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I installed LEDs in my 05 Escape. I, too, was overthinking the hundreds of different bulbs. In the end, I used Amazon and purchased some that were on sale from their top picks. I also did the interior lighting. Wow, what a difference. Huge outside and inside.
So, the LED pictured was installed in the vehicle? I would not consider this a "corncob" LED. Looks like a normal, mid-range, LED lamp.
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