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Do you think this "Fuel Saver Module" is legit?

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Hey guys I have been looking for something to help me get my MPG up and i stumbled on this and I really can't tell if this is legit what do you think?

Also I noticed my MPG has dropped from 19.8 to 18.5 and i was wondering would a dirty air filter cause this? Cause i need to replace mine asap...
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Looks like they also offer a product like the "Tornado" and an "electric supercharger." All gimmick junk products.

Keeping clean fuel filters will help. A dirty air filter will indirectly reduce gas mileage. A dirty air filter reduces the power output of the motor. So, to get to 60MPH, you'll have to stay in the throttle a little longer. The longer you're on the throttle, the more gas you burn.

You'll always see a drop in mileage in the winter. Just make sure your fuel filter and air filters are clean, tires are aired properly, and mind your driving habits. If you really want to squeeze every bit out of your fuel use, you can get a tuner, like SCT, and have a shop custom tune the car to improve fuel efficiency. The factory tunes are a little on the rich side. Adjust the fuel and the ignition timing properly, and you can see some increased engine efficiency which translates into increased fuel efficiency.
jpark said:
But what about "supercharging" the gasoline with "bombarded ions"?

:bill: :lol:
When I saw you had replied, I half expected it to be an LED idea. Illuminating the gasoline couldn't hurt right?
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