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Do you think this "Fuel Saver Module" is legit?

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Hey guys I have been looking for something to help me get my MPG up and i stumbled on this and I really can't tell if this is legit what do you think?

Also I noticed my MPG has dropped from 19.8 to 18.5 and i was wondering would a dirty air filter cause this? Cause i need to replace mine asap...
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Domain said:
Remember, if it really saved fuel, Detroit would have implemented it a decade ago and made a tidy profit at that.

I miss the summer months. I could baby the '10 Escape to 30 MPG highway without too much effort.... now? Let's not talk about it. E10 (let's not even think about E85) and these temperatures where my car doesn't warm up by the time I get to work are killing me.
same here, just i have an '07 escape, and i only got 20 on the highway in the summer though. now i get 12-15mpg city and the car isnt warmed up by the time i get to work either.
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