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Dog ramp - Getting the dog into the back

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Anyone have a product like this.
I have a mastiff he's 125lbs not the best legs.
I'm wondering if any users have a product like this and how you like it. Does it fold up nice.

My dog is my kid. Goes everywhere with me.
I will!! Be post pics in the pet pic section
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I feel the Same about having to store setup a ramp but it beats lifting him. I can only see that being trouble .. I'll look around see what's out there.
I got my dog at 2 years old he came with existing injuries.
Spent literally thousands on him to date an I'm sure there will be more bills.
Only had him 2.5 years.

Lookedd at a few ramps in the stores and they're all too big. Sure they work but where do you put them. Still on the hunt
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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