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Double Din Dash Kit for 2006

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Hey all,

I've tried searching for this in the different posts but its like find a needle in a haystack. Has anyone installed a double din unit in a 2006 Escape? I just got the AVIC-X910bt unit and before I install I wanted to know about a dash kit. I saw someone said that it just slides in, no kit needed. I've seen others say they got a kit. Any solid direction on that? Metra has a kit that has two plastic sides for the unit and a thin fill strip for the bottom of the unit.

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Billyk said:
My 2005 is identical to your 2006

I had a Kenwood DNX7100 installed in 2007.
Hey Billyk, what dash kit did you use. Looks like yours went all the way around your deck? Thanks.
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