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Hello down under interstate citizens. " Port Power " recently beat the " Crows " by 26 points. GO THE PORT POWER! :) :yahoo: :woohoo: :happy: :party: :beer: :yahoo: :thumb: :lol: :hyst:

I celebrated and drove around , with my " POWER " flag secured on rear window wiper. Just loved rubbing in our victory. HA HA! My team have been under dogs for a while, so it was good to have a decent edge in. Those " Crows " lovers are sore losers. For some reason most of adelaides citizens, are predominantly crow supporters. :barf: :stifle: But then again my local city is a sleepy old backwater and this is to be expected. :stifle: :barf: :shock:

A lot of them were wearing, the " crows " colours on scarves and clothing. :shock: Most of the partying was in context of the " crow" fans drowning their sorrows. :beer: :lol: :lol: As for my team as in " PORT POWER " there was a lot of celebrating, but i did not observe too many people wearing " power ' colours.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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