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Well, ever since I picked up my escape its had a driveline whine. I picked it on a 1000km (600mi) delivery trip.
The Dealer near me took a look. First time they didnt try hard, and "couldnt hear the fault" (even though it required a stereo volume increase to resolve). Second time they changed the Rear Drive Shaft, didnt road test it, and Told me to come back if it was still doing it.
Needless to say it was. Symptoms : Driveline Whine into the Cabin from 105-115km/h. Enough to interupt your thinking.

Took the car a few days ago into the major Ford Service shop here in Brissy. Left it with them. Took them 1.5 days to resolve once they managed to get the car over 100km/h (We had some pretty wet days here, and lots of accidents etc).

I now have a brand new $5500 (au) Transfer Case ;). Thank god its under warranty!.

And the noise has gone. Im glad they didnt need to pull the gearbox completely.

So thats one potential source of the noise.


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