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Drivers Side Carpet wet - need help with sourcing leaks

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Driver side carpet is soaked (seemed to happen during/after 3 days of rain), pulled back carpet and found water still sitting in the channels. Noticed a couple grommets & a plate that weren't well sealed by the blue sealant stuff. Underneath the large plate opens up into a frame crosspiece, and the round grommets open to the ground. could that be enough to let that much water into the car from beneath? The rubber trim and drain hole on sunroof seam to be good although didn't check for clogs. How do you see if that drain line is doing it's job?

Other thing I noticed was rust on the e-brake assembly, would that indicate a leak there over time?

I have no idea what I need to start taking apart or testing to source where water is getting in - suggestions on a protocol?

Also, has anyone found a way to dry out the carpet and underlayer without removing seats, trim and pulling it all out? If anyone has links to videos that would be helpful.
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without removing everything, and doing the job correctly, you use a shop vac to suck out as much moisture as you can. then throw in a towel, or cotton tshirt for a few hours, and switch them…
you could sit out there for a few hours with your wife's blow dryer
Open all your doors and stick a couple of box fans inside

you got to stop the leak first though, I agree with the Riccoar, run a Weedwhacker line down your drain hole

that sounds rude to say to someone... lol
Thanks for the replies guys, I'll run the weedwacker line for starters, hopefully that's the easy fix. Once I get the leak source fixed, my BIGGER issue is what to do about a potentially mildew/moldy padding under the carpet. If it's wet throughout the front of the car It'll be really tough to dry out properly with the aforementioned methods. Whats the best type of shop to take that to? Body shop? Detail shop?
Well, weedwacker down the drain hole didn’t yield any result. When I poured water down there it just goes out the wheel well as intended. Then I poured water down this area (see pic) at the top of the windshield and THAT leaks out by the emergency brake. Question is how do I stop it? Run a bead of silicone all around that trim piece? Pull the windshield and get the trim replaced? Advice appreciated, gotta get this fixed asap!
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you can fix it, you got to go by a windshield shop… They got some black urethane goo that is quickset, that will seal that up 100%.

you need some bodywork around your windshield frame seals to fix it permanent. it will only get worse. But this polyurethane goo is pretty stout.
Nice - I'll check that product out. I went ahead and did the Permatex silicone to get into the crevices, then a thicker bead of silicone along the whole top edge and corners for a "topseal" type application. Not sure how long of a fix it will be, but I can always try the alternative you suggested.
I also found my passenger rear door was filled with water, used weedwacker line to shove around in the drain slots and clear them out. Drained a pint in a matter of seconds.
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