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Driver's Side Lean

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I've got a 2008 Escape, 2wd, 3L, auto. Of course I didn't notice this before I bought it but once I had it home I saw that when standing at the rear of the vehicle there is about a 1/2" lean to the drivers side of the vehicle. Has anyone else run into this before or have any ideas. Took it to the dealer and he's trying to blow me off.
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I'd take measurements in more than one location, just to make sure. Uneven concrete can obviously change the measurements.

The average driveway or parking lot isn't exactly designed and finished to military standards.
Of course you can.

I've tried placing a number of things on the rear bumper, and they all fit:
* pencils
* ice cream scoops
* beer cans
* newspapers
* a row of Blizzards (surprised?)
* hockey pucks
* phones
* copper pipe fittings

I'll try a few more items if I have the time.

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BTW, with the E/M/Ts weight distribution, any lean is usually due to a difference in the front suspension, not the rear. The spring rates on the rear suspension are usually much lower than the front rates.

I'm guessing that the front anti-sway bar could be removed and bent in the opposite direction of the lean. The anti-sway bar is, by far, the most geometry-influential piece of hardware in any suspension system.
To be honest, I've never seen even one E/M/T lean to one side, old or new.
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