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Drivetrain Clunk Resolved on '09 Escape

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The clunk is my '09 Escape's drivetrain is finally resolved. The dealer I purchased my Escape from told me at two different recent service visits the noise was normal. The service manager verifyed the noise. I asked to escalate the matter, and the service advisor was to call me when a Ford Field Service Engineer was in town to look at it.

I still haven't received that call, but meanwhile, I took the Escape to a different dealer. Within a few hours they had the problem diagnosed as low transmission pressure and fluid. They then found the torque converter seal was leaking oil. Transmission fluid was down by 2 quarts. Apparently the leaking oil collects internally so there was no obvious external leak. They replaced the seal and fluid and the next day I picked up the car.

The noise is much lower now and shifts are solid again. The noise is still slightly there, but they say it's normal. If the noise would have been at this level all along I probably would never have even noticed it.

So, lesson learned about dealers. Needless to say I won't be returning to my original dealer for any service even though it's more convenient. I'm so happy this long ongoing problem is finally fixed.
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DaveJ said:
This is an update on the clunk. The noise came back shortly after my original post and I just lived with it because the dealers said it was "normal". Last week I had the Escape in for repair of the 1/2 shaft oil leak. The dealer replaced the entire shaft (not just the 1/2 shaft) and now it doesn't clunk anymore and hopefully doesn't leak fluid either.
I'm glad to hear your Escape's issues were resolved! Please don't hesitate to message me if the concerns return and you would like my assistance!

DaveJ said:
Thanks Cory. I tried to send you a PM but I don't know if it was sent. The message appears to be stuck in my Outbox rather than showing it as a sent message. Please reply here if you didn't receive my PM.
Thanks again.

I just wanted to let you know that I received your message and sent you a reply. Check your inbox for the details!

DaveJ said:
This is an update to my old post in October 2010. The clunk I referred to was never fixed. This noise is more of a clank than a clunk, but it occurs when lightly taking my foot off the accelerator, or lightly applying it. It's the same noise when shifting from park to reverse, or park to drive. It's most obvious with the windows down, especially while in the garage. It's not difficult to hear, and every Ford dealer tech or manager that has driven with me has acknowledged the noise.

One Ford dealer told me it was tip-in and tip-out noise possibly from the torque converter. I have taken it to 3 dealers and nobody is willing to do anything about it. They just say it's normal for the E. I find it very difficult to believe this is normal for the E or any car. I don't think anyone wants to bother with it since it's just a little clank noise. However, if they drove it everyday they might feel as I do. And maybe this noise will eventually result in premature failure of the torque converter or something else in the drive train.

So I continue to live with it but I'm annoyed by it every time I drive it. Has anyone else experienced this with their E and had it repaired? Could the Ford representative here please help? If it wasn't for this noise I would have to say my Escape's been pretty solid for the last few years. I would love to finally have this resolved.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Hello DaveJ,

My name is Tricia and I'm the FordService rep for the US. My FordServiceCA colleague Brittany has forwarded your message to me!

I sent a response to your inquiry via PM.

Please check your inbox and have a wonderful day! :)

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