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DVD Headrest and Aux power install help 07 escape hybrid

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2007 Ford Escape Hybrid

OK, been reading some posts and looking for a few good hints.

A recent divorce has caused my Esacpe to be my main vehicle in transporting the kids. The Tahoe had the entertainment center, mine doesn't.

What I want to do is add DVD headrests and picked up a couple off ebay.

What I'm wanting to do is pull power from the cigarette lighter up front and run back to the rear and add a secondary 12V. With that done, pull power from that to run the two dvd players. Would that be too much to say charge an iphone up front, and ipod in the rear and run the two dvd players...would I be better off just running it from the fuse box?

2nd How do you get the center console off?

3rd Would the hybrid be an issue since it has a standard ac plug in next to the lighter socket.


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I have a 05 Escape hybrid and it is not an issue to do what you are asking to do. Run the electrical wiring off the fuse box located on the passenger side of the center console. I have the Helms book and let me look at it and I will post some more information later tonight.
Thanks...that would be appreciated. I started this project in 08, and was directed to the Aux install, when I posted here. but it didn't work with the hybrid console, by then we had bought the Tahoe and I've had these sitting in the garage since the ex ordered them off ebay.
Link to remove the center console:


by Squishy - Sun Mar 02, 2008 8:47 pm


Removal and Installation

All Vehicles
1. Position the seats forward and remove the 2 rear bolts.
2. Position the seats rearward and disconnect the battery.
3. Position the parking brake handle to the full-up position.
4. Remove the transmission selector lever bezel.
5. Release the parking brake handle boot from the floor console finish panel.

6. Remove the floor console top panel.

All Vehicles
7. NOTE: On Escape, if removing the floor console storage bin, squeeze the front and rear of the storage bin to release the retaining tabs from the floor console finish panel.
-Remove the floor console finish panel.
-Disconnect the electrical connectors.

8. Remove the 6 bolts and remove the floor console.
9. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
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Ok, bought got everything ready, just need an idea on the fuse placement.

I'm going to wait on the add an auxillary port and work on just getting the dvd's installed.

I have a few good places to choose from. Which looks best

#2 5 amp spare
#11 15amp Moon roof (which I don't have)
#23 5amp spare
#32 10amp spare

I'm going to use a mini fuse tap with 10 amp max.

Need to get the multimeter out and see which has 12V?\

Any suggestions.
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Install is done.

Used an add a circuit 10 amp of the cigarette lighter at #24, gave me 12 volts with key.

ran cables down back of seat to inner seat rail and under center console. Wired on as an aux monitor on driver side.

Thanks for the help and advice everyone.
I know this is an old thread, but I'm really having trouble finding how to access the back of the seat. Any help would be appreciated.
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