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how much sq ft do I need to dynamat my 4 door, headliner, and the back door... That will help a lot with the SPL...

And have anyone else here heard a better product out there.... Thanks for all the helps guys...

Plus I'm on a budget college is going to start soon!!!

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I had 36 sq ft and it did inner/outer skin of both front doors, minimal amounts in the back doors (around the speaker cutout and behind the speaker, maybe 2 sq ft per door), both rear quarter panels and the rear hatch. I would say if you are going to do inner and outer skin on the rears too you would need a total of about 45-50 sq ft. It also depends on how heavy you are goin to lay it on, I did not really follow the 25% rule :shrug:

For the record I will be going back to put in the foam at a yet to be determined date in the future :angel:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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