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E-book reader

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Anyone have one? I got a color Pandigital 7" and really like it. I just put 125 Stephen King books in it. I'll be busy!
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No sir! I just bought a 22" display for my pc to enlarge the font so that I can read without the magnifier glasses. I don't know that a 7" display would be a great idea :shrug: . Also, I have about 50 paper books (mostly car books with all kinds of photos) that are new waiting for my retirement to read :angel: .
:confused: Nook?

What's a Nook?

Work buddy has a Kindle that he gets out when things are slow. I pull out a movie DVD and pop it into the pc. :angel:
After twenty years there will most certainly be no old book in a dusty corner to discover. :(
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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