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E-book reader

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Anyone have one? I got a color Pandigital 7" and really like it. I just put 125 Stephen King books in it. I'll be busy!
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Dasha said:
*My eyes get tired if I look at a computer screen too long.
The screens look just like newspaper or a book, it's quite amazing. So no eye fatigue. I don't have one but I've read a little on my friends Kindle, pretty neat invention. Another friend of FB complained about hers because now she can read one handed she tries to read and cook, brush her teeth etc.

Jonas1022 said:
After twenty years there will most certainly be no old book in a dusty corner to discover.
This is a bit of a worry for me too. I like having a bookshelf with books on it (and CDs and DVDs). What will become of our garage sales in the future? Can't sell a streamed movie or book or song. Then again, the Internet was supposed to kill magazines and newspapers and they are still around.....
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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