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A. General Information Updated 5/23/2016 Changes in Red

Escape City ("E-C") is a free forum for owners of all years and models of Ford Escapes, Mazda Tributes, Mercury Mariners, and Escape-based Ford Mavericks ("E/M/T"). The moderators and administrator ("we", "us", "our") of E-C strive to provide a friendly and comfortable discussion environment for owners of all ages and all E/M/T models.

B. Quick Rule Summary

* register using an e-mail address that will be valid for as long as you are an E-C member.
* include the year and model of your E/M/T in your profile to help other members answer any questions you may have.
* use the SEARCH function before posting questions or problems that may have been already covered.
* use signatures no larger than 640 pixels wide and/or 300 pixels high, including all pictures and text.
* use good judgment, decency, and common sense when posting.
* do not use inflammatory comments, rudeness, bigotry, or personal attacks against other members.
* do not discuss politics, guns, or religion.
* do not spam, flood, troll, or start personal crusades.
* respect our right to have the final say in any matter requiring moderator attention.

C. Detailed Posting Guidelines

We reserve the right to edit, move, lock, or remove any post, link, and/or topic, at our discretion. Any member who violates E-C's rules may be banned, and their service provider(s) may be contacted regarding their behavior. Furthermore, we expressly reserve our right to take any other action we deem necessary within the law. We also reserve the right to change these rules as they evolve.

Please remember that the open and real-time nature of this forum makes it impossible for us to vouch for the validity of any posted content. As such, we are not responsible for any content posted, nor the consequences of following any advice offered within forum posts. The views expressed in the posts in E-C's forums belong solely to their respective authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-C.

D. Detailed General Rules

1. Please use a valid e-mail address in your profile. An invalid email address may result in the suspension of your account.

2. Please include the year, make, and model of your E/M/T in your profile. Specific information will increase the possibility of answers to your questions.

3. Please do not create signatures larger than 640 pixels wide and/or 300 pixels tall, including all pictures and text (as rendered by most browsers). Users with signatures wider or higher than these limits will be asked to modify their signatures.

4. Please respect other owners for their model choices. We strive to provide a friendly and comfortable environment for owners of any and all E/M/T models.

5. We do not allow posts of any content (or links to content) deemed by us to be spam, offensive, objectionable, or in poor taste. Please see the Posting Rules section for additional information.

6. We shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate E-C rules. "Because we said so" is a valid reason for any decision we make, and we will not tolerate arguments against our decisions.

7. Please respect each E-C member's right to personal privacy, and do not post any identifying information (including names, contact information and/or any other relevant information) within E-C.

8. You will not impersonate any person or entity, forge headers, or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any posting, nor collect or store personal data belonging to other E-C members.

9. Advertising, spamming, flooding, trolling, and personal crusades are not permitted. This includes using the E-C private message ("PM") feature to spam other members. Members identified as spammers will be banned immediately.

10. You will not use these forums to violate any laws, nor to discuss any illegal activities, including, but not limited to, street racing, speeding, distracted driving, drugs and/or file sharing.

11. Discussion of disabling, modifying, and/or bypassing mandatory safety items and their related laws and/or specifications is not permitted.

12. All rules for posting also apply to all areas of the site, including thread titles, signatures, avatars, private messaging, etc.

E. Posting Rules

1. Before you post a question, please use the E-C search feature to determine if your topic has already been covered.

2. We encourage discussion, civil debate, and constructive criticism. However, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting or inflammatory posts, confrontational attitude, personal attacks, personal crusades, any form of bigotry, or sexual and/or vulgar references toward other members, all at our discretion. If you don't like someone and/or something, posting nothing is usually better than posting something negative. Also, posting "I'd say something, but it wouldn't be nice" is not the same thing as posting nothing. This is why Facebook does not have a "dislike" button.

3. Discussion of politics, guns, and/or religion is prohibited. Please see the Inappropriate Content section for more information.

4. You will not post any material that is knowingly false, misleading, or inaccurate.

5. Bumping, multiple, or repeated posting in the same or different E-C forum sections is not encouraged. While this may be a part of playful banter, serious infractions will not be tolerated.

6. Please post in easily readable English only. Non-English posts or posts that are unreadable due to spelling and/or grammar may be edited or removed. We don't ask you to be a spelling bee champion or an English major, but please post messages that are legible. Please try to refrain from Twitter-like abbreviations, such as "cu" instead of "see you".

7. We do not allow discussions of banned members. If we ban a member, it is always for a good reason.

8. NO YELLING. Posts IN CAPS and/or in very large font sizes are both considered rude and annoying by some people. We reserve the right to edit or remove such posts.

9. We do not allow posting of any copyrighted material, nor linking to any copyrighted material not normally available to the general public, unless that copyright is owned by you or by E-C.

10. Have patience. This is not an official Ford forum. It is a group of E/M/T enthusiasts who wanted to create an informative and friendly website for other enthusiasts. We invite questions and inquiries about the vehicles. However, if your question goes unanswered, it might be because people on the forum don't know the answer or don't have the time to answer right away. It may take several days or even weeks for the right person to see your post, so please have patience.

11. Please post general questions in forums before sending a PM to a specific member. More people will see the question when it is posted in the forum.

F. Inappropriate Content

1. We strive to provide a friendly and fun environment for members to post, but there are some subjects that many are unable to handle without causing problems. We strive to have an environment where everyone can be comfortable.

2. We do not allow discussion of religion. However, generic statements of support such as "You are in our prayers" or "I will be praying for you" are permitted.

3. We do not allow discussion of politics and/or guns. Based on our experiences, these discussions quickly degrade into arguments and insults. Political affiliations, quotes and statements from declared political candidates in forum posts, profiles and embedded in forum signatures constitutes a political discussion and as such is a violation of E-C rules.

4. We reserve the right to remove any threads or posts deemed inappropriate by us and/or to warn the poster.

G. Posting Pictures in Threads and Signatures

We love pictures, and we encourage members to to post them. But please remember that some members use the site with mobile devices or low-speed internet. These rules are intended to make E-C easier for everyone to use.

1. Please resize huge pictures before you post them in a thread. We encourage a maximum resolution of 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high.

2. If you are creating a "How To" thread, please post only as many pictures as required to describe the steps and/or show the results.

3. Don't overwhelm someone else's thread with your pictures. Choose and post only the most pertinent pictures. If you have several pictures on a specific subject matter, please start a new thread.

4. Try not to re-post the same picture more than once. Link back to the original picture, if possible.

5. When quoting a post with a large number of pictures, please delete the pictures and just keep the text related to the pictures in your quote. Having multiple postings of the same pictures in a thread makes the thread more difficult to read, especially on a mobile device.

6. As mentioned above, please keep your signature area within 640 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, including all text. Users with signatures wider or higher than these limits will be asked to modify their signatures.

H. Private Messaging

1. Our Private Message system stores the contents of your PM in our database in plain text format. In the event that our database is stolen, we cannot be held responsible for any information you have entered through the use of private messages.

2. As mentioned above, spamming members via private messaging is not permitted.

3. Posting the contents of a private message without the permission of the other member is not permitted.

I. Disabling/Removing Accounts

1. We reserve the right to remove accounts that have no posts.

2. We reserve the right to remove or disable accounts of members that have been banned.

So, in the end...

It is your responsibility to read and follow the rules! All we ask is that you use your common sense when posting. Do not make pointless threads, do not make rude or offensive comments to others, and do not spam your business on our forums. Thank you, and enjoy!
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