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The good news is that most items of infrastructure (freeways, buildings, etc.) are designed to handle a "Normal" earthquake.

In 1996, my wife and I slept through a 4.0 with the epicenter about 15 miles away from where we were living. Our cats were extremely upset though!!! :shock:

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cbramsey said:
In 1996, my wife and I slept through a 4.0 ....
Dang, y'all slept through an earthquake !! :lol: Y'all must have been really tired. :lol:

Reminds me of the when hubby almost slept through the remnants of hurricane Hugo. My son was ten days old and my daughter 2 years. I stayed awake all night on the couch with both of them beside me. I was glued to the TV. It hit around 3am. I had to go back and wake hubby up !!! :rant: :bang: :lol:

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There has only been two times when i've been scared in them.

first time: My first time being in one
Second time: Few years back working at a fisht store and all of the fish tanks started swaying back and for while I was in the middle of them....those stands were 20 years old and yeah....scared the shit outta me. I ran like hell. :lol:
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