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I bought a used 2013 Escape SEL AWD 2.0 EB a year ago, with 65k miles, as my local commuter/family airport taxi/grocery getter/etc. It is a well loaded vehicle with the leather, pano-roof, chrome wheels, factory tow package, Sony, etc, etc, etc. Has been a great vehicle and it helps save the miles on our other vehicles. We have had several Escapes, Mariners and Tributes. Wife drives a 2016 S model she bought new that has had zero issues. College kid still has a 2006 Mariner. I had a speed sensor go bad in my 2013 and, at first, it freaked me out a little bit. I always service our stuff so I am very familiar with sensors. I just never had one go bad in an AWD before. The first indicator was hill start assist not working and the ABS amber light illuminated. All typical expectations. What threw me for a loop was the all wheel drive shifting from FWD to AWD to RWD then sometimes showing no WD (when stopped at stop sign). I am picking up the sensor from my local Ford dealer tomorrow and expect it to clear everything up. I have not found this AWD thing posted anywhere so I wanted to share as a FYI thing. Pictures are all from a 1 mile drive near my house.
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