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Electrical issues causing stalling

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Ok so I am deployed right now, and my wife has been having some issues with our 03 Escape XLT. She has replaced the battery, and said the alternator tested good, so Im not sure what the issue could be. Here is what I received from her in an email when I asked her to tell me in detail what it is doing. Hopefully you guys might be able to help. I dont want to take it to a shop if its something that is an easy fix.

"Okay so it will just die, no lights no nothing just die, when driving, usually when coming to a stop or stopped. Sometimes though its when you are actually moving. When it dies, the best way i can describe it is, its like there is no battery, no lights will come on, nothing.. radio resets all the stations, sometimes if you wait 5 min it will start back up no problem. When it dies, we lose all cruise crontrol functions, I cant change gears, i.e. go from park to neutral. it will let me put it in park though, but once its in park it wont let me change it to neutral to push. No lights come on, blinkers, headlights nothing. It wont jump start with another car, and we get no power at all. It doesnt sputter, or give any idication its going to die it just does. No lights come on the dash, nothing. When running it sounds just fine, when starting it (when its working) it turns over fine, no unusual noises nothing. Thats the best way I can describe what it is doing."
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She said she had Autozone hook their scanner up, and got no codes. Also she said there was no burning smell that she noticed.
So its been a while, and I figured I would update with what was done to it. Wife replaced the positive battery cable completely, then got the alternator checked again. Turns out part of the problem was the battery cable, and the other half was a faulty voltage regulator. Had the alternator replaced, and hasnt had a problem since! Its runs like it was brand new again!
Yeah Im glad it finally all got worked out. Now that the power issue is fixed, I can start working on upgrading the audio system in it! I was worried that my amp and subs might have throw off the charging system, but Im only using an 800w amp. Maybe an Optima yellow top is in my future.
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