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Hello All,

So I love the Sirius radio in my Escape! I have found some (in my opinion) serious control issues though.

1. I have figured out how to display the artist and the title, (hold the "Text" button) but as soon as you tune to another channel, it goes away. Is there a way to set this as default.

2. If the Artist name and song title are too long, they get cut off and do not scroll.

3. In my older, portable Sirius radio, there was something called "Artist Seek" where you could save an artist and any time they were played *anywhere* on the Sirius network, a warning would pop up and you could tune directly to that channel. The Ford radio has "Song Seek". Is there a way to get artist seek?

Too me...crazy little things easily fixed by a firmware update!

TIA for any help!

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Thats something that has always drove me crazy with the stock head unit in my Escape. When I play MP3's the artist and title does not scroll either unless I hold the text button. Too bad it won't scroll on its own.
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