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...not really, but it worked out for my son and me on a recent camping trip in the Rawah wilderness area. Temperatures were 100 degrees so we hastily packed a ton of food, some sleeping bags and headed up to 8600'....ahhhhh!
Seats folded down provided enough area for a comfy sleep, provided you were worn out from a day of hiking, river wading, fishing, and manly cooking over open fires (beats chest :lol: ) A backpacking tent was used for auxiliary storage.
First day hike we stumbled upon a she-moose, luckily she found us un-intimidating and continued munching on the willows. Night hikes with new flashlights provided occasional adrenaline rushes when glowing eyes suddenly reflected the beams. Amazing what 190 lumens does compared to the old flashlights. Fishing was fun, but fruitless. The brookies are still laughing at us.

Off to the other extreme, Pawnee grasslands, tomorrow.

Here's a few pics:

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