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I do eventually intend to trade it in for another car. Who ever the new owner might be, i will regard that he or she will have acquired a good deal. :) At each service the mechanics check out the under carriage on the hoist. Under my escape there are no signs of anything being mangled. It is basically intact and all the mechanical parts function as they should.

The duco is still as new with no severe blemishes. Glass on all of the windows appears in satisfactory condition. Have never taken the vehicle through a brush car wash. It has allways been with a preliminary pressure wash, and then through the spray set up after. Do not smoke in car ,so everytime interior is detailed the new car smell is still there. My kilometres are not too excessive, and it is on the 81,000kms mark.

Who ever buys it will have a reasonably well accessorised escape. For their money they will have: Genuine lambswool seat covers. Dashboard mat. Cooper Discoverer All Terrain tyres. The tyres are still new and have only been on for a year. My service tech checked the tread depth and the wear is minimal. A heavy duty gauge nudge bar ,by the queensland firm known as ' East Coast Bull Bars'. A pair of 100 Watt ' Nite Stalker' spotlights. All passenger windows including the driver window , plus the rear tailgate glass have dark tinting. All four windows have the wind deflectors. Sidesteps. Towbar and trailer towing light power plug. Also they will have four ' escape' logo door jamb sill protectors of the stainless steel metal.

The way i see it they will have a very nicely modded escape. :) :yes: It will interest me to see what pricing the dealer puts on my car.
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