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Escapes in May.

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It seems the Escape is selling relatively well (10th in sales) in this terrible auto-sales market we're in right now. I just saw this on

I find it pretty amazing, considering in my area all I see are new Honda CRV's.

* Ford F-Series: 33,381
* Chevy Silverado: 31,463
* Toyota Camry: 31,325
* Toyota Corolla: 23,576
* Honda Accord: 22,597
* Honda Civic: 20,723
* Ford Fusion: 19,786
* Chevy Impala: 18,709
* Nissan Altima: 18,408
* Ford Escape: 16,391
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Some of the Chevy dealers around this area are selling the Impala for less than the Malibu, all incentives considered the price, the car, and consumer perceptions. To me it's a small wonder that the Impala isn't selling better. It's priced way less than any of the ricer brands... ;) Then again, entry level Escapes are selling for less the $18K around here. Small wonder they are in the top ten also.
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