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external aftermarket parts for escape

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as yall probably know it is kinda hard to find aftermarket parts for the escape im trying to find a billet grill which i did manage to find but i cannot find aftermarket headlights, hoods, or eshaust any ideas? also i always thought of what an escape would look like with the conversion for the spare tire to go on the back hatch any one ever heard of this such thing being done and it actually looks good?
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You can use the 05-07 headlights for a upgrade (look at my 04 it has 06 headlights). There are many different exhaust systems, most are cat-back. there are a couple different hoods with scoops. The reason that you dont see the spare mounted on the back is because it's a hatch that opens upwards and there is no area to mount the hinge that would be needed to move the tire out of the way. unless you could fabricate something like the chevy blazer had. ... 31700R.JPG
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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