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Your high powered Icom commercial uhf for america, is given the model designation of IC-F2020. It has an rf transmit limit of 35 watts. Icom of japan market the australian model as an IC-F2010. My down under F2010 has a 25 watt rf limit. :) I can anticipate that the american Icom F2020 ,will have exactly the same functions as our down under F2010.

A friend of mine used to own the F2020 that Icom produce for canada and america. He mentioned this high power overseas version ,has all the same adjustable parameters within its " Dealer set mode" as my F2010 has. On these models directly under the radio screen, there are programmable assign keys. There are four buttons specifically designated as [PO] [P1] [P2] [P3]. The last two buttons are channel up and down keys. Obviously they will be clearly designated as such with up and down arrows.

The programmable assign keys, plus channel up and down buttons have a password number allocated to them. This will be relevant, if you choose the customary Icom dealer default of " 159357", or if the six digits are re-edited via the clone software.

Using the EX1764P Ver 1.1. wordpad document as a reference the [ PO] = 0 and 5 [ P1] = 1 and 6 [ P2 ] = 2 and 7 [ P3 ] = 3 and 8 The actual down arrow key or channel down button = 4 and 9.

The user password is only four digits. But the dealer ( set mode) passcode must be entered as six digits. The customary ICOM default of " 159357" can be used. For example on the Icom F2010 or F2020 it would be done as [ P1] [ P0 ] [ Down channel key ] [ P3 ] [ PO ] [ P2 ].

The " dealer set mode" passcode does not have to be the Icom default of 159357. If you have the EX1764.EXE Ver 1.1. or the CS-F1000 Ver 1.2, it can be re-edited in software to any sequence. Please keep in mind it must be six digits. If you customise the dealer passcode in clone application, the re-edited data must be written to your uhf radio via laptop or pc for results to take effect.

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