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Favorite quotes from other E-C members

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I'll start with this one (although there are zillions more):

Dasha said:
Almost everyday is National Thong Day for me!! :thumb: :thumb:
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Fresh off another thread:
jpark said:
Ean-The-Escape said:
being without panties is no fun... ;) okay everyone ignore that... could turn out badly :lol:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :tease:
Airmapper said:
Escape City is just like any other city, it's full of perverts. :roll:
sinister mob said:
Am I am homer? Yep
Sorry, I had to pick on him because he's a Patriots fan and I like the Dolphins! :lol:
TranceZ said:
Ajax said:
I like boobs. Doesn't matter if they're big or small, pale or dark. I just like em.
Dasha said:
I love my twins! :D
RobtRoma said:
Legs... smegs... Butts and boobs... :thumb:
That sounds like a dirty nursery rhyme or something Rob, something the Diceman would come up with
Dasha said:
Ean-The-Escape said:
Dasha said:
I thought it was futameca.
That is Tom and as far as I know yes a guy lol
Yes, I can vouch that he is a guy. :D
:shock: :beer: Tom!
This comment was made toward Rob:

Dasha said:
Wow, that is thick!! :D
Thanks Dude! I'd love to see yours :shades:

triple a said:
Well, they just stood there and stared at my area. There mom said to me, "we are French, we see that all the time." :lol:
Jacinda has all the good quotes lately......

Ean-The-Escape said:
Then I have to get busy :lol:
:hyst: THAT'S AWESOME! I didn't see that before!
Dasha said:
I like it rough. ;)
:spank: :D
Good quotes lately, keep finding them! :lol: :thumb:
jbone2470 said:
Dasha i think [is] trying brownie points for JP so he will get on the ball and Bling her like she has never been blinged b4.. :happy:
The Boss made it this time!

jpark said:
Colleen beat me to the hump thing!

:lol: :bill:
+1 for above comment!
:D :blush:

frenchcanadian said:
I use all my things at full capacity and know what I'm talking about :thumb:
You da man! :hyst:
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