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Favorite quotes from other E-C members

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I'll start with this one (although there are zillions more):

Dasha said:
Almost everyday is National Thong Day for me!! :thumb: :thumb:
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Colleen said:
I have never been invited to participate in a three some ( well, except for on here :lol: :lol: )
It would be the best three-some ever too ;) :lol:
Ajax said:
I've put alot of work into her so I appreciate the compliments! :D
futameca said:
Well then...

Ean-The-Escape said:
I think D and I only like to play in pudding and rub.... each other!!!! :yahoo: :lol:
True story
Dasha said:
Maybe that should go in the Fun Facts thread too. :lol:
I agree :lol:
jpark said:
Ean-The-Escape said:
I guess I need a spanking as well D ;) :blush: :lol:
True story. I did need one. :lol:
Ajax said:
Jacinda has all the good quotes lately......

Ean-The-Escape said:
Then I have to get busy :lol:
Also seem to be slightly naughty as well lol most are taken out of context such as the example above, but the spanking one was clearly bad :D
:hyst: :clap:

I'm going to go there....

Or him! Heeeeyyyyyy!!!! :hyst:

Just what I say in response to that's what she said comments :clap:
I've missed this thread! Many laughs have come from it! :yes:
1 - 14 of 266 Posts
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