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fiberglass box help

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so ive been working on a new fiberglass subwoofer box. it is my first one with no experience and so far it is going pretty well. ive managed to build the box for the 2 12" woofers, did 4-5 layers of fiberglass and 2 layers of bondo. however i find the bondo i am using (red can from part source) is really thick and im finding it really hard to get the smooth finish you see on all fiberglass box's. even after hours of sanding and grating.

is there a finer or thiner type of bondo i can use for a "final coat" to get rid of the last pits and odd spots?

i picked up "ultimate detail bondo" but im not sure if thats what im looking for.
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For top coat a lot guys use Rage gold, and for a final prep they'll use high build primer.
awsome, i used the ultimate detailer and it is infact a bit finer and easyer to work with. after two more layers of bondo and sanding for 4 hours it seems to be smoothing out very nicely. also picked up the high build primer hopfully i will get to paint tommorow finally.
Does anyone know if the 'glazing puddy' is used to fill in the final few pits?
Breensy said:
Does anyone know if the 'glazing puddy' is used to fill in the final few pits?
I always just use the high-build primer which gets it done for me, but I'm sure a glaze would do it too. Just use very light sandpaper near the end.
Hmm thanks for the help fourth. So far ive sanded it down till its completely smooth unfortunatly theres still a few deep pits that sanding them isnt working. Tried putting the high build primer on it and it doesnt seem to fill it as much as expected. i Read people use the glazing puddy to fix this ill probably give it a shot.
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