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File types on the Escape

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I am hoping you can help me find the answer to a question about the Navigation system and the file types it accepts for music?

I read there was 10GB for Music and 30GB for Maps, etc.

Do you know what file types it reads for music on the Nav/entertainment system? WMA, MP3's, and Apple M4A files?

Thanks :)
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Welcome to E-C!

There are several inexpensive shareware programs that do a great job of creating high-quality MP3s directly from iTunes. I've used this one before: ... erter.html

I've also had good luck burning a CD-RW from iTunes, then ripping the CD-RW into a program I have called Sound Forge, which can save MP3s directly.

Whatever you use to create MP3s, make sure you save them at no lower than 128K, and at the highest quality setting.

Please let us know more about this system when you have it!
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